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Flying chemical succinic acid project successful trial production
writer:管理员 Date:2018-03-27
June 16, flying chemical 10000t / a successful trial production of succinic acid envy disposable. After a tense pre-construction and construction, commissioning and project success awakened single water transport test, according to the feed production plans on June 10 were the raw material preparation, a period of formal jobs electrolysis into feed production. To ensure the success of a one-time feeding trial production, plant production operations strictly enforce standards, strict control of each process indicators, sampling was conducted in a timely manner, adjusting the operating programs and procedures on June 16 after a two-stage solution and the crystallization point, the new product drying success. Product particle appearance, delicate texture, high purity and color, content of 99.76%, easily oxide <0.35%.
     Succinic acid produced by the project marks the successful flying Chemical continues to lead the development of the national succinic acid industry, the company is also the adjustment of product structure, enhance the positive economic benefits of the practice. Whether the project is put into production, quality, fine management has a new promotion for the company to make a positive contribution to the development of the transformation and upgrading, Pictured succinic acid products produced scenes.



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